Secret World Legends is handing out free bags of St Valentinus for heart day

MMOs are in a weird position come Valentine’s Day. If they do nothing, we’re gonna pick on ’em. If they do an event, we’re gonna pick on ’em. If they skip the silly events, we’re gonna pick on ’em.

Anyway, it looks like Funcom is once again opting for that third choice here in 2019, as it’s bringing back Valentine goodies and sales in Secret World Legends.

“Love is in the air! Claim a FREE Bag of Saint Valentinus for a limited time, and check out classic Valentine’s gear made with love! Look for specially-marked items in the pet, sprint, and dressing room windows. Event ends February 15th 2019!”

May as well duck in and get your freebie.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Sophisikiai!
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Love the free bags that give loot to you as well as nearby players, but you really have to wonder at Funcom’s processes here. With almost every single patch that introduces new items, players encounter bugs where they cannot delete (=get rid of) said items, should they get duplicates – and the Valentine’s Day items are sadly no exception (see tweet in the article).
I have no idea why they don’t have this as item 1 on a giant flashing release checklist “Test item deletion before pushing live”. Sigh.


So what happened? There was a game when this game was growing again.

Cosmos King

Just my impression, but I think some people dived into this new version of the game deeply and intensely, became super-fans, and after a year or so, finished the game. By finished I mean all of their gear is legendary-70, all of the seasonal stuff has been seen as well as all of the dungeons/lairs/scenarios, and as we all know, alt-building is completely optional.

With nothing left to do and see they moved on. But not all of us playing SWL are as gung-ho. I only have mythic gear, don’t particularly like dungeons so I don’t do them, and I enjoy roaming about the early zones doing missions and finding stuff I zoomed by to get the main story over with. Also, I have an alt character, so I do everything twice. And I’m not in a cabal, so legendary gear is out of my reach and it isn’t necessary anyway.

I see plenty of people in-game, so there’s still a decent population of slow-burners like me.

Funcom is in something of a pickle with the super-fans, because anything new they bring out, even if it’s a big expansion (the Congo?) will be decimated in short order by these maxed-out legendary characters.

(I think holding onto super-fans is a problem for any game that can’t introduce expansive new content on a very regular basis. )


I meant “there was a time when this game” but you got it. :)

Ah. It sounds logical and probable. Theme parks go through this all the time don’t they? But I guess I’m surprised they haven’t tried to put out more content sooner. Not a huge xpac type things, but little crumbs to keep players interested and looking at new things.

I hope it maintains a good pop. I’m not playing SWL right now but will go back and play it from time to time.


I started out the same as you Cosmos, met the right peeps and became a super fan unexpectedly tbh, E10 dungeons, such a great time kicking ass in end game…

but it was the promises which were broken that did not sit well with the community. That’s the reason.

“once we get the game converted we’ll get story 2 out to you all” not going to ever happen, they don’t have the talent, sure they have people with the skills to make games, but talent is what makes great games. That talent walked and yea where’s the new content?

People here kept cautioning me, they are just scamming the player base (again apparently as it not the first time) and i be like “No way they are, no sensible company would take a hit and just abandon it” and sure enough they did. Wasn’t until later i thought about it and yea, they don’t have the talent, they just miked the fans again.

Been a huge supported of Funcom since AO, always stood up for them, but how can you when they treat players this way, they were innovating super stars at one time.


I’m feeling kinda bitter that we’re barely getting any new content in SWL except cash shop cosmetics, but then I guess crass in-game commercialism makes sense to celebrate an occasion that’s about crass real-world commercialism?