The Daily Grind: What would it take to get you to try a battle royale game?

Yay, sort of?

The big thing these days is Apex Legends, which is the sudden success story to mirror Fortnite’s overnight success, which itself mirrored the overnight success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To a certain extent, at least in my profession, it feels like I’m doing something wrong by not playing these games. But I also already know I wouldn’t actually enjoy these games, for reasons too numerous to list in a piece that is at least theoretically not supposed to top 200 words. These games are not for me, and that’s fine.

Here’s the question: Have you tried one, or are you at least willing to try one out?

Realistically, if there was a pure battle royale-esque title attached to a game I enjoy, I could see myself trying it. Or if it was in a setting I loved enough. The point is that it would not be unthinkable for me to try one, even though I don’t particularly like the genre. So would you try out a battle royale game? Or do elements of the mechanics and/or the culture surrounding them mean that no matter what, you wouldn’t even given them the time for a test playthrough? What would it take to get you to try a battle royale game?

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Scott Roy

PUBG was awesome until aimbot ESP hackers made it no fun.

They repeatedly fix the hacking issues, and almost immediately, hackers show up with new and better hacks.

You work hard to “git gud” and then die to a hacker and rage quit.

It’s an endless cycle.


Those games are awesome, everyone playing it, but in the same time everyone hating on them. I dont know why.


I’ve tried several, but it’s just rarely an enjoyable game mode. In many cases, it’s filled with a lot of running and hiding over a large map only to have maybe a second of actual combat that can end the game instantly for you. It also tends to be tied to a lot of gear/consumable management in the middle of a battle field and the last thing I want to do wile running around in a combat area is juggling crap in my UI.

I get that it’s supposed to be a tense game mode, but I just never enjoyed it. As much as I absolutely loved the old Halo series, most FPS games don’t capture my interest. Halo also tended to be everything that most modern battle royals aren’t: Weapon drops are in standard, known places in maps and a death just means a respawn instead of the entire end to the game.

Battlerite actually seems a bit interesting and I’ve downloaded it to play later, but apparently it’s got a very dead population.

Ironically, the one battle royale game/game mode I’ve enjoyed is from the phone game Brawl Stars (battle royale is one game mode of several in there), but it’s probably because it’s very simple and provides more gameplay options than *just* battle royale

If there was a BR game to capture my attention, it would have been Apex Legends, since at least the communication method will help you avoid socially inept 12 year olds on voice chat, but I still just couldn’t get into that game.

Jack Kerras

1) Be about cowboy witchers fighting and then banishing daemonkind.
2) ?????
3) Get dropped anyway because BRs suck ass on fire on a bicycle.

I realize people like BR and flock to it like crazy, but I fundamentally do not understand why ‘elimination, but WAAAAY BIGGER and with way fewer mechanics’ is anything like interesting to anyone.

Also, THE BR at this point, which is still basically Fortnite BR, is not so much a game that people play as a place that people hang out; it’s taken over for WoW in terms of being a social experience for crappy kids who haven’t grown up enough to actually contribute to a community to bounce around in, plus a few MEGA TRYHARDS willing to win at all costs, often flogging their Twitch channel while they’re at it.

It is a bouncy castle. It can be fun for a couple minutes and it reminds you of being someone who isn’t a crusty old curmudgeon, but it does one simple thing, it doesn’t do it enormously well in comparison to more focused experiences, and it just isn’t that interesting, in its own right, in the long run.

No-rules free-for-alls are boring. The reason why people crow about different game modes non-fucking-stop is because rules are what makes games interesting.

Fewer rules and mechanics isn’t better, it’s cheaper. This is a huge double-down on ’emergent’ content, except nothing can emerge but murder, because anything more than -the simplest- shooting and movement mechanics in a server with so many people will act like shit when hundreds of people are able to interact with each other in one space at one time.

You don’t see physics or other emergent-gameplay-enabling mechanics in games like this because the servers literally can’t do it; no one in Apex Legends is gonna discover that Octorok Balloons and leaf-fans can make them a fun raft/airship to sail the skies in, because doing cool shit when a hundred people are in a server is catastrophically expensive.

(unless you’re playing Worlds Adrift, but then it’s a lot like a physics slideshow because serverside MMO physics are terrifying; we all figured out that fully-serverside vehicles are scary back in U2:XMP)

Anton Mochalin

It’s so fun to see how almost half of the comments speak of BR as something totally undesirable. Which tells a lot about this website’s target audience – and it’s very predictable that the author of the post shares this sentiment.

I like the fact that BR is “the new definition of the massive” so to speak which means the games which are able to collect a big number of players at one time in one location of a game world are now BR and not classical MMORPGs. This genre will grow its depth much faster than traditional MMOs because the feedback loop is whole orders of magnitude shorter. We already see the addition of building (Fortnite), classes (Realm Royale and others), squad communication (Apex L). MMORPG genre was basically stagnating since the release of Guild Wars 2 and its introduction of “the living world” – we can see that all the innovation has shifted to “not-quite-an-MMORPG” survival (Ark etc) and action RPG (Warframe, PoE etc) genres. And the players have also moved on.

The most important things are actually happening in technology: BR is massive and fast at the same time which means servers are becoming able to process much more player interactions with environment and other players and this will help in other genres. The traditional tab-target mechanics in games like WoW are actually what they are not because of game design decisions but because servers can handle them.

I played Fortnite BR, had fun but returned to Smite and Warframe (however, Fortnite is still installed at my PC and maybe I’ll play a bit more some time). After seeing Apex Legends footage I seriously considered installing it but am too lazy to install Origin, create account there etc. As Realm Royale is on Steam and I already have a HiRez account maybe I’ll try it. I don’t see how a BR can become my “main” in the nearest future but am still very sympathetic to the genre.


It not being battle royale. I think i’ve tried majority of the popular ones, and they simply don’t jive with me. There isn’t any one thing that keeps me from liking them. It’s just the entire thing as a whole. Inventory management, sneaking around, spending 15 minutes collecting stuff only to be reset to a new game after death, none of it sounds appealing to me.

Nick Smith

My kids.

They played Fortnite battle royale for over 2 months. I watched them. It looked kinda fun so I tried it out. Didn’t like it that much to stick with it however I did get hooked on the idea of a battle royale game. I told my kids “eh, i’ll just play the normal Fortnite game when it releases for free”.

But thanks to Steam… I downloaded Realm Royale, you know the battle royale that you get turned into a chicken after someone whacks you? Yeup. Now I’m hooked.


Maybe if I had to babysit some kids who were into br – For laughs and giggles.
As a genre, I find the whole search and find materials part kinda annoying, and not that I am too much into short instanced competitive games, but for those I would rather go for a more instant action types like Overwatch or (Unreal Tournament, Nuke Nukem 3D.. yeah I know I am ancient haha), or even a moba.


Not my cup of tea, so no.


About 5k euros a month, and I’ll play it 8 hours/day, five days a week. Outside of that, no thanks.