The Daily Grind: Do you try out MMOs in well-maintained maintenance modes?

Returns of at least moderate happiness.

It’s not hard to play Final Fantasy XI or Guild Wars at this point. Both titles are in maintenance mode, yes; they’ve gotten their last major updates and what you have is essentially the same game forever. But there’s a certain peacefulness to that. The stories are finished, the games are set, and the various quirks of the game are largely set in stone. both are kept running with an eye toward careful maintenance and stewardship through the remainder of the game’s lifespan and holding together the world for players to explore.

Certainly I find it nice to wander around in these games again, to explore the world as it stands even knowing that there’s a lack to how much more will be added in the future. At the same time, I also can understand people who find the concept rather disappointing or would rather focus on games still flush with life. So what about you, dear readers? Do you try out MMOs in well-maintained maintenance modes, or would you rather making your “new” games something else entirely?

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Oleg Chebeneev

Sure. As long as I find game interesting, its not much of a difference for me is it in maintance mode or full scale development. In most cases I wont reach level cap anyway

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I go back to OG Guild Wars once in a while, but I’m probably not going to start something I haven’t played before.

Hikari Kenzaki

Let’s be clear here. If you’re wanting a game where there are tons of repeatable daily quests and raids and continual gear progression, a maintenance mode game probably isn’t the place for you. Though some games do have some active raids/events, I doubt you’re ever going to catch the person that has been playing for 15 years straight as best of the best.

However, if you’re the type of player who plays mostly for the story or the world building, a maintenance mode game has a lot of positives to offer.
1) Lower populations allow you to casually consume the content over a few weeks, months or years.
2) The story is complete. Or complete-ish. You can set down the path to enjoying a story knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is really nice if your “Main” game(s) is currently between content patches.
3) If it hasn’t been taken offline yet, and it hasn’t seen any new content in a few years, it’s probably going to take an act of god (aka massive server/code disaster) to take it down.

Personally, I enjoyed playing GW1 after playing GW2. I’ve also gone back and played a handful of other older games like AO and AoC and had some fun.

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Jack Pipsam

I mean I am strongly considering hopping onto Anarchy Online right now.


Yes, with a caveat: I require a maintenance-mode MMO to be even more solo-friendly than the ongoing games I play in order to try it.


Only if they have a full story arc you can play single player, kind of the same criteria I put towards a TV series on Netflix.


Nope, no maintenance mode MMOs for me. If CoH had ever had a maintenance mode period, I would have changed my answer. But otherwise, I can’t think of anything worth playing that the devs decided wasn’t worth continued development.

Castagere Shaikura

Only if they are f2p. I refuse to pay a sub. for an MMO that isn’t getting new content. That includes Funcom and their con job with AO and a pay for froob server.


The idea isn’t new and while other games get applauded for it(WoW, Lotro) you’re calling a con job on Funcom’s try? Dunno, I think it’s a very cheap way to rake in some additional money but con job? People know exactly what they’re getting.


If I like the game I may even try to play even in badly maintained modes. An example would be Ashen Empires

Fervor Bliss

No, I like to see what is working now. New idea’s. Guild Wars the scars on my back have not healed. Backstabbers. Just close it instead of picking at that scab. (They wont Money talks ethics walks)