The Daily Grind: What’s the most jaw-droppingly absurd behavior you’ve seen in MMO group content?

why would you do that

Sometimes people do things that are dumb in MMOs. We know and accept this. Sometimes people think that dancing on a mailbox in World of Warcraft is still fine or Leeroy Jenkins jokes are still funny or whatever. Again, that’s fine. And then sometimes you have your tank at level 120 and in decent gear stand in the obviously wrong spot, die, get a battle raise, and then immediately do the exact same thing.

There’s a point where it feels like something passes beyond being bad play or mistakes and into the realm of outright absurdity. It’s not even limited to causing deaths; I’ve seen healers in Final Fantasy XIV casting a lone healing spell and then casting nothing else, not even damage spells. I’ve heard tales of Rogue players in WoW with only one weapon equipped, nothing in the off-hand. It’s just self-defeating for no purpose, and so I ask you today, dear readers: What’s the most jaw-droppingly absurd behavior you’ve seen in MMO group content? The stuff that’s so far outside the realm of reasonable behavior that you move past anger and straight into confusion?

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Nicole Roman

A paladin thinking he could tank in healing gear and refused to change into tanking gear. It turned out he thought that a tankadin’s main stat was intellect *facepalm*!!!

I’ve also seen a rogue that thought he was a tank. He talked on and on about how high his dodge & parry stats were so the tank (a druid) switches to cat form and let the rogue tank the next boss. Rogue dies almost immediately, then blames the healer for not healing him and promptly leaves group while telling us we all suck. The rest of us had a good laugh.

Both of these happened in Wrath in Dungeon Finder groups.

I also remember raiding in vanilla with a hunter that thought everything was hunter gear. She even attempted to use DKP to bid on the item that was needed for the priest only staff Benediction. None of our guilds priests had the staff at the time. Needless to say she was kicked from the guild after that stunt.

David Goodman

Eh, thing is, i’ve seen so much stuff that nothing really drops my jaw any more. Absurb by whose standard, after all?

I mean, there’s always Goldshire – but that’s a low-hanging fruit of a reference.

The most absurd behavior I’VE experienced is people crucifying CMs on the forums for passing on news that they were given. “Shoot the messenger” and all that, and then wonder why devs don’t communicate with the playerbase more often. Still happens, all the time. That’s why it’s absurd – we never learn.

For a fun-absurd example though? Digging back into my ancient Ultima Online memories, PKs – player-killers – would routinely murder people (naturally), take their stuff (standard behavior), and then… resurrect their victim and md move on.

I mean, sure, they raised you with your own reagents, but still – those days.

Or how, in UO and even EQ2, people create and design housing decorations using materials completely unrelated; how you can create a realistic 2D hot tub using the right patterns of cloth and stacked seemingly random crap. People actually earning a lot of in-game gold by decorating other peoples’ houses for them.

That’s absurd – but, y’know, in a more pleasant way than just people being shitweasles.


Hello Everyone!

I was reminded of a story our first Leader told me, in my LOTRO kin. She was a good player, and told me about how she had made a silly mistake in an instance or raid.

She was playing a healer, Lore-master I think, and when they got back after wiping, someone asked her why she was holding a fishing pole. She’d forgotten to swap it back out for her weapon, and they all had a good laugh as they figured that was why some things weren’t working properly.

It may or may not have been the total reason for the defeat, but it was absurd and a fun story. :)



The one that sticks with me is from the early Velious era of EQ.

Up until Velious our guild clerics were centered around healing “their” group. It worked out for most of the content, but somewhere late in the Kunark expansion that became a losing tactic that did little but reinforce cliquish behavior.

So this new tactic begins to spread down from the ubers of using healing rotations on a single tank. The lead cleric at the time was adamantly against it. He swore we would not be able to coordinate a rotation in chat due to lag and tick length.

Between myself and another cleric, we managed to convince the crew to try the new tactic, and we pulled it off flawlessly the first time, but not without that lead cleric refusing to participate and actually spamming our chat channel during the encounter to try and throw us off.

I have seldom been more irritated at someone in an MMO. I took his job that day, and much schadenfreude was experienced.


For me it wasn’t exactly group content, but an encounter in a city.

I was in the capital in Aura Kingdom that is called Navea and there is an area that looks like a park with lake, waterfalls and I’m climbing to see where I can and can’t go. So I end up on the top of the waterfall and on the cliffs there are sitting two characters one male, one female and look like they’re hugging, I stand there for a moment to look at the panorama that the top of the waterfall and the male character started telling me to leave or he would report me for cheating… I don’t remember what I did, but I thought what a douchebag RP nerd – thinking that that place suddenly belongs to him.


I’ve seen some really terrifyingly weird (and some NSFW) stuff happen in groups over the years but I think I’ve successfully blocked most of it out of my memory.

Here’s one that seems to always happen:

Me to group: “I’m not sure if I can split this up. Don’t follow me in. If they all agro on me let me die and then rez me from the door.”

Group: “Ok”

Me (2 minutes later as we’re reloading at the entrance to the dungeon): “Why did you all follow me in?? :(“

Bullet Teeth

Thinking back to the Vanilla days of WoW. There use to be players corpses in Ogrimmar that had died in such a way that happened to spell the name of a goldselling website.

The tenacity of some people…

But then again, I used to partake in certain “absurd” behavior too. I used to RELENTLESSLY gank the Defias Traitor on my server for, sometimes, over a week straight. Especially after TBC came out. Rogues had Deadly Throw or whatever it was. Used “Preparation” + Deadly Throw & clobber his ass endlessly. For days at a time, tons of players couldn’t run the Deadmines because they couldn’t complete the quest.

People would be pissed and send me whispers from lvl 1 alts calling me every name in the book….He’s a traitor!! I’m not about to let him bring down the Brotherhood!


I’m sure I could recount all sorts of stories if I sat and thought a while, but one of the most bewildering moments that sticks out to me is from my WoW days. The queue for the instance finder popped, we all loaded into the dungeon, then the tank just started spewing a bunch of racial slurs at all of us and dropped party.


When I first started raiding in LotRO, we had a raid leader that refused to use voice chat…..trying to wrangle 23 other people through complicated tactics via text…..yeh, didn’t work.

I also consider it extremely dumb to equate good gear with skill, yet I’ve met tons of players who do so. As a former raid leader, I’d run into this all the time. We’d go to a raid, one player would contintually fuck up and wipe us, but when I’d point it out they’d usually reply with “its not me, I’m a great player, just look at my gear!” I had a ridiculous number of those conversations!

Sally Bowls

Doing it? :-)
Tobold’s Blog Sunday, March 10, 2019

Gamer culture

You are playing an online team multiplayer game of some kind. After a match you receive a message from one of the players who was on your team. What was that message?

A) “Well played, mate!”
B) A friend or guild request
C) “Fukcing retard!!!”

What does it say about us as a cultural group that C) is by far the most likely answer?

There are interesting questions on why people behave that way. But another question is why, knowing the situation, why do the non-jerks still do it? Words don’t physically hurt you. If I were an American Airline customer service agent or a Repo Man, I would expect people to be rude. It’s expected; it’s my job; I am paid for it. Shrug it off and go on. Similarly, if you are making good money as a content-creator/streamer/eSport pro, then again it is unfortunate but part of the job.

But if you are spending your time and money on optional and substitutable recreation, then why? If you are in your tenth abusive relationship, then, while you are the victim and they the vile criminal, it sure seems like you would be better off not putting yourself in those sort of situations.

There are no ballbusters, just bustable balls.

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Legend Of Vinny T

As Jemele Hill tweeted just yesterday, “Telling people they should develop a superhuman ability to withstand assholes only empowers the assholes to be assholes.”