Guardians of Ember kicks off its do-over open beta with more localization support


No, your mind isn’t slipping and the Matrix is not glitching; Guardians of Ember has just gone into open beta. Again. You might recall that this is the second go-around for this hack-and-slash MMO, this time helmed by Gameforge after Insel Games was knocked off Steam over review manipulation.

Gameforge is enticing players with candy to crawl into its repainted van — the candy here being an exclusive in-game title and other “special items and freebies.” There’s a lot of content to digest in this beta, too, with four races, six classes, 58 regions, and over 60 dungeons.

This relaunch of Runewaker’s title is benefitting from several quality-of-life improvements and four additional language options: French, Turkish, Polish and Italian. You can view the trailer below and head on over to the official site to download and play the 7GB client.

Source: Press release, patch notes

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Gameforge got their hands on this ?
Run away like hell.

Chosenxeno .

This game is Awful. I tried it over the weekend. It’s the worst playing ARPG I have ever played. Trying to kite was a complete and total mess. On a positive note. I decided to give Grim Dawn a shot. It’s pretty solid.


Grim Dawn is a gem. Really good ARPG.

Give Titan Quest a go too if you want to see the roots of where Grim Dawn came from.

Castagere Shaikura

Grim Dawn is so overlooked because of POE’s online thing. I really wish they would talk about it here. The Class combo’s you can make are so much fun.

Dug From The Earth

What about everyone who bought it on steam?


We get a “Veteran Pack” which isn’t that great, but it’s something. A pair of permanent wings, some skill and stat reset scrolls, a few 30 day pets, 10 teleport scrolls, some other limited thing.

Though that’s a lot more than what the people who bought their other game got in the transfer.

Those of us who purchased and backed Wild Buster were promised packs in transfer and early testing access etc, we got absolutely nothing. Insel said the new company (IDC games who renamed the game Champions of Titan) was supposed to follow through with this. That was always the plan.

Then the beta had started and none of us old purchasers were invited, we inquired as to what was going on and IDC Games made out like that was a promise from Insel that they had no liability to follow through with, then said they’d give us something anyway even though they didn’t previously have any obligation to (though now that they promised they would – they did). Then they still didn’t give us anything months later, they basically kept putting us off and putting us off until we all shut up about it and went away so they didn’t have to deal with it. They never followed through and gave us anything.

I can’t say a lot of positive things about Gameforge, but at least they followed through letting the old purchasers have something at least and kept up communication with them and such on the old Steam page. IDC Games left us out in the cold in the same situation, and I’ll never play anything through them or give them a penny of my money.

And talk about review manipulation – IDC Games IP banned anybody on Steam who wasn’t close to the servers so they couldn’t give negative reviews based on laggy play while not actually IP banning them from playing – they just tried to get them to go to their homepage to get the game to play instead. So they didn’t care that you had laggy play and wanted you there, just not through Steam where you may leave reviews about it.


If you bought any of the dlc from before you keep the unlimited respec items and rewards for leveling, at least for any existing characters not sure about new ones. So it’s pretty much the same as before, except the added an option to turn off click to move which is nice I guess since I preferred the WASD keys anyway.