Runewaker’s Guardians of Ember is getting a relaunch in the west thanks to Gameforge


It’s been a weird 2018 for Guardians of Ember. Back in February, Valve booted its publisher, Insel Games, off Steam, citing review manipulation in regard to another of its games, Wild Buster. Wild Buster was heavily affected, such that Insel transferred its publishing rights and rebooted it with a new name to get it back on the platform this past spring.

So what happened to the MMOARPG Guardians of Ember, the Runewaker game that was actually pretty decent at what it did? It kept on running through the studio’s own website and the Humble Store, but now, it’s upping its profile with a move to European mega-publisher Gameforge.

“Gameforge — the leading western publisher of popular Asian free-to-play multiplayer online games like SoulWorker, Elsword and NosTale — today announced that it has acquired the publishing rights to Guardians of Ember, the popular Hack’n’Slash MMORPG from Taiwanese developer Runewaker — creators of Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet. […] Guardians of Ember will officially re-launch later this year in North America and throughout Europe through Gameforge. Currently, the game is being operated by Insel Games in the west; Information regarding how existing Guardians of Ember players will migrate their accounts and game data will be shared soon.”

Source: Press release, Facebook

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The only exposure to gameforge I have is from the EU TERA players on the NA servers who were so desperate to escape from their mismanangement of the game that they’d rather deal with lag from playing cross seas than play on the EU servers. Hard pass for that reason alone (I know it sounds minor but this wasn’t just one person who said this to me, it was over a dozen).


Glad to hear this. The game has a ton of potential, but was struggling a bit even before the scandal with Wild Buster due to bugs and a slow content drip. Hoping that Gameforge will have the resources to polish and expand it further. I’m curious as well if it will go F2P under Gameforge, though. I do think at least a free trial is going to be sorely needed either way.


Link to FAQ about transfer:

Estimated date is Sept 1st. No word on monetization/other changes (nothing on f2p/b2p/trial etc.)

Marko Zivkovic

Yea but will it launch as F2P? Becuz the game wasnt F2P.