Dofus’ Eliocalypse updates plan to play havoc with space-time


The presser we received from the folks at Dofus promises that mucking about with the game world’s timestream is “only the beginning,” so it seems that the next little while in the turn-based strategy MMO is going to be pretty interesting. The Eliocalypse is upon Dofus, a content string that will unfurl a narrative tapestry over the next three years.

The first act is Resonance, which released this past Tuesday, April 9th. Resonance sees temporal anomalies opening up across the game world which are themed after a character or era from Dofus’ chronology. Players will have to close these rifts in time, which scale based on the area that they appear so low-level players don’t need to feel left out. Successfully closing these anomalies will reward players with Time Loop resources, which can be used to unlock new powers for your pet, petsmount, or mount.

The idea of Dofus having a deep well of history to draw from might surprise you, but this MMO has actually been going strong for fifteen years. Dofus comes from French developer Ankama, which also operates Wakfu and the upcoming Waven — games that are, incidentally, all part of the same universe.

Further reading on the Eliocalypse can be found at this landing page.

source: press release, thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!
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That is their game I like the most. Lots more things compared to wakfu. Also combat has a better feel and in general I would love to see more mmos going the turn based combat route. Last major mmo that did it is probably Atlantica and that was ages ago