My.Games decides to get into the digital PC games storefront business


My.Games, the company that publishes titles such as Warface, Revelation Online, and Conqueror’s Blade, has decided to join in on the digital games store thing that its heard so much about. As part of the company’s move to go global, players can expect a My.Games Store to go live in the fourth quarter.

The new game store is effectively an international version of the company’s current, which currently has 13 million monthly active users. The storefront will naturally house the publisher’s selection of titles, but will also offer up third-party games, providing a 70/30 revenue split for publishers and developers who distribute their games on the store. The My.Games Store will also integrate with Lootdog, a service that lets players securely trade in-game items for real money, and Donation Alerts, a tool that helps streamers monetize their content.

“Although our background is delivering free-to-play and premium titles to an Eastern European audience, the My.Games Store is the next step in bringing our expertise to a global market,” says My.Games CEO Vasiliy Maguryan in a statement. “We believe we can offer a wealth of support and knowledge to studios and publishers looking to reach both a Russian and a global audience.”

The My.Games Store is currently in beta testing and is expected to fully come online by the end of the year.

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