It’s time to chase chickens as Lord of the Rings Online’s Farmers Faire has begun


Get out your seeds packets and your straw hats because it’s harvest time in Middle-earth, which means the Farmers Faire event has returned once again to Lord of the Rings Online.

It’s not as much wacky fun as the Harvestmath event set for later this fall, but the Farmers Faire does treat participants in the Bywater festivities to a round of goofy quests and challenges, including feeding the mayor, racing horses, trying not to fall down while you dance, and fishing in the Bywater pond. But the best is unquestionably Sandson’s Egg Scramble, which asks you to chase chickens to collect eggs. As one does.

The Farmers Faire in LOTRO actually made our top 10 list of MMO celebrations that didn’t rip off real-world holidays earlier this year: “Summer is a prime candidate for made-up MMO holidays, seeing as how few actual major holidays exist on our calendar in this span,” MOP’s Justin wrote. “And so LOTRO shoe-horned in a medium-sized event that revolves around Hobbits and (of course) food. Get on board with scrambled eggs and delicious mushrooms, and you’ll be in for a tasty treat of a festival.”

Standing Stone says this year’s event will conclude on September 9th.


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No new mount is very disappointing. The work lately on the game has been a bit weak but I guess they’re putting all their work into the new expansion.

I like the festival though. Lotro does them very well.

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Rough approximation of what it looks like on a potato computer…

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FYI, I certainly don’t take any credit for creating that pic. I am no artistic virtuoso like 🥇Schlag🥇.


I’m enjoying it. I’ve almost finished my short reward list and any reason to run silly quests in The Shire is a winner for me. One nice bonus is that the Inn Keeper League challenges are available during festivals, so I can also run around like a maniac destroying my hobbit-liver.