Ingress Prime’s upcoming Hexathlon will kick off a new series of events for the AR mobile title


There’s a new series of events coming to the AR mobile game Ingress Prime, the first of which is a lineup of tasks that must be completed within a given time limit. If you live in the right city, anyway.

The Hexathlon, as the Greek numerical prefix suggests, is a laundry lists of six things Ingress Agents will need to finish. It all starts with hacking a Check-In Portal within 30 minutes, and then doing things like collecting at least six Media Artifacts, deploying at least 30 Resonators, and walking at least 3.2 kilometers among other duties. Tasks can be completed in any order, but participants will only have an hour and 30 minutes.

What’s at stake? A unique medal for those who complete the Hexathlon, while players in the top 10% in each category for their city will receive an upgrade to an Elite Medal. As for the cities that are taking part, there’s a global list to look over.

The Hexathlon is the first of a planned number of competitive events known as NIA Field Tests. This first one will kick off on Saturday, September 14th. Instructions are available in the video embed below.

source: press release
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