Lord of the Rings Online shows off what’s in the level 120 boost and applies a hotfix to Update 25

Retail value seems limited.

It’s been a while since you’ve fired up Lord of the Rings Online, but you want to get in to the Minas Morgul expansion stuff sooner rather than 120 levels later. That’s what the Valar Level 120 Boost is for, which got its own dev blog last week.

One of Standing Stone Games’ newest team members penned their first dev blog about the level 120 boost package, showcasing all of the goodies that await inside. The bundle obviously comes with the expected level boost itself as well as appropriate gear, but it also packs in 90 Trait points for your class, an item that grants enough Virtue XP to take five Virtues of your choice to level 60, maps for Rivendell, Sutcrofts, Eastfold, and the Wastes, and three Imbued Legacy Improvement Scrolls.

In other LOTRO news, Update 25 has gotten a hotfix that makes some tweaks to Warden DoT and HoT pulses, changes Anvil gear to cost Motes of Enchantment instead of Embers, and makes tweaks to a number of items and quests.

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