Starbase outlines mining and economy updates in the weekly progress notes


When it comes to sandbox games, especially ones with internet spaceships, becoming a titan of industry tends to be my go-to activity. If you’re the sort who does the same thing in Starbase, then this week’s list of progress notes has a little something for you.

While the notes jump around various updates made to the survival sandbox (like one would expect), several notes focus on the activity of mining. A new mining backpack has been tested, along with work on mining halls, group instancing in mining jobs, and some fixes for material icons. There’s also been some interesting economic additions made like the inclusion of insurance and debt (yay?), calculations for ship building and manufacturing costs, and some updates related to electricity usage and costs.

There’s also been a number of other updates like continuing design work for several weapons, some fixes to the starship creator, and plenty of gameplay code updates. If you’re the sort who can’t live without all of the most complete of complete details, then give the notes a look.