Browser-based strategy MMO AD2460 will sunset on March 1

Browser-based strategy MMO AD2460 will sunset on March 1

While I personally have never even heard of AD2460 before in spite of our covering it, it’s always a sad time when you learn that a game is being shuttered, so I regret to report that the browser-based strategy MMO title is going to go dark.

According to the announcement from developers Fifth Season, the game was simply not profitable, though it does seem to leave the door open for some potential life after sunset. “We have failed in making the game commercially viable, and after a lot of consideration, we have decided it is time to end it. At least for now. No-one knows what the future might bring. Right now though, we do not have the time nor the resources to properly maintain it,” explains the announcement.

The most recent update, appropriately named The End, brings feature improvements, some balance updates, convenience improvements, and an increase in production speed and resource output that increases by 10% every week. The Cycle will run between now and Sunday, March 1st, when the game servers will be shut down.

sources: newsletter, official site, thanks to Panagiotis for the tip

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Jon Hall

I am a big 4x gamer. Stellaris was my most played this year. I never heard of this game.

Looks like one of those VGA planets type games with bad art, and bad instanced combat. Meh. Nobody cares.


The least they could do is keep this in maintenance mode for the next 440 years.

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Richard de Leon III

Well, at least they are up-front about it. I feel sorry for the smaller indie mmos, there simply isnt enough dollars to go around and support everyone.

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Patreon Donor

That is why games going out of business is a good thing.


…that in no way guarantees quality and/or something I would want to play with indie MMO’s. In some way’s, that may even encourage the industry’s own version of the Peter Principle. >.<