Shroud of the Avatar boots real-money transactions off its forums


Real-money traders, you are no longer welcome on Shroud of the Avatar’s property. At least, that’s the message being sent by Catnip Studios, which declared a unilateral ban on RMT starting in the new year. This ban only applies to the forums, which the studio is attempting to clean up.

“Starting on January 1, 2020, roughly 2 days from now, no RMT (real money transaction) will be allowed in our private forums,” said Catnip. “Existing posts for RMT will be deleted. New posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be moderated or banned.”

Catnip had to shut down the thread due to an outcry of angry RMTers who found their welcome cut short. “This does not mean that we will not allow RMT, simply that you can’t use the forums to do,” the studio stressed. “As discussed in multiple places, this is a support headache for us and gives the wrong impression of the game to new players.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks Panagiotis!
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