Tales of Wind releases on PC, announces several updates and a server merge


Tales of Wind has been pretty busy over the past few days. Not only has it released on PC last week, it has also made a number of updates and has confirmed some server merges are on the way later this week.

This past Thursday, Tales of Wind made good on its promise to arrive to the platform. Before then, there were updates made on December 10th and December 24th which added features like same sex marriage, some new events, a new team dungeon, and a Rune system for level 80 characters that enhances combat effects. Another update is due on Tuesday, January 7th, that will bring a 5v5 racing mode and some new content for characters around level 85.

Tales of Wind is also going to be performing a server merge this coming Friday for a variety of servers on the East Coast, West Coast, and Hong Kong. Maintenance for these merges is set to kick off at 1:00 p.m. EST for about three hours, and players can expect 150 free Spirals as compensation for the downtime.


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Do bug reports in this game constitute Tales of Breaking Wind?


Note: Top half of this post is about the game, the entire bottom half is about their Customer Service. So you only need to read half of this if you want to hear my thoughts on the game itself :P

First and foremost, if you’re a PC player that isn’t really into mobile titles, this title isn’t going to change that for you. It has a lot of things in it from mobile that PC players feel are lame.

Sure it’s cute, but there aren’t many other qualities. It does have this very interesting Farm system though that I liked. Your have your own farm that you can grow different crops at, fish at, etc. As you do stuff on the farm you earn this special currency that you can use to upgrade parts of the farm, expand it, buy new plots and things like cooking stands etc.

You have a store there and NPCs come along with different requests and you get them what they are looking for, things you can grow and cook etc. It’s not as big and detailed as a game that centers on farming, but it was a pretty nice extra for a mobile MMORPG.

That is the only positive I can give. The actual gameplay in the main world outside your farm, not so great.

When you very first start it looks like you actually play the game, but soon the autoplay system opens up. Sure you don’t have to use autoplay, but there isn’t a lot of reason not to. It plays better than you do basically. If you’re in a group and you try to manually play, you’ll be way behind everybody else who is running off exactly to the right destination when they need to.

In other words, you’ll be of no help and will need to turn autoplay on in order to actually help out in group dungeons and stuff. You can take a bit of control once at a boss or something, but there isn’t much of a need to. Most people just have it on autoplay all the time and if you don’t you fall behind. It’s not really super enjoyable playing manually anyway.

I just saw an average not so great mobile game. I like mobile games too in general, but this was just one of them that was boring and just wasn’t doing it for me. The game was highly Cash Shop pervasive and “buy me now or never” pushy sales popping up all the time too. I don’t even really care that much about Cash Shops but the pervasiveness of it will really turn off a lot of PC gamers.

I really felt they had a poor backwards dungeon grouping system too that was unnecessarily complicated and manual for a mobile game that was otherwise auto with everything. The one part that should have been more automated wasn’t.

That’s basically it for me about the game, the rest of my post here has to do with my experience with their Customer Service.

*About their Customer Service*

I had major issues with their Customer Service department who didn’t really seem to be able to understand English very much. A bug prevented me from getting stuff I paid for at release (the bug was probably since fixed, but that’s beside the point). They would have ripped me off if they could have, they certainly tried. I do think it was because of a lack of understanding on their part rather than malice, but it still is an issue.

As I said I paid for something at release that I didn’t get in-game because of a bug. No matter how hard I explained and pointed out that I didn’t get what I paid for to their Customer Service they wouldn’t help or even look at my account to see what happened and went so far as to tell me it would be “unfair” to help me by giving me the IAP that I paid for or return my money. So either they ripped everybody off and felt it would be unfair to help me when they were ripping everybody else off too and were not going to help them, or they simply didn’t understand English. I went with the lesser of two evils and decided it was probably that they were having a very difficult time understanding me (and their replies made it seem like they didn’t know English well).

It wasn’t as if I gave them a single chance to understand me, I sent lots of letters back and forth to Customer Service for a while explaining it different ways and pointing out they really did need to help me since I didn’t get what I paid for. I pointed out that they couldn’t just opt-out of helping me because on Google Play, Google will step in to help if someone gets paid for something you don’t receive in their game. Who knows maybe they had no idea what I was saying there either, or maybe they thought they’d call my bluff (only it wasn’t a bluff).

Since they weren’t going to help I eventually got Google to step in and get my money back no matter if the company liked it or not. I’d rather have had what I paid for in the game but whatever. With them publishing their own game on PC and you buying directly from them, I can only hope their Customer Service hired some different people or grew in their understanding of English since the mobile release.


Well appreciate the write up. Will save me the effort of uninstalling.