The Daily Grind: How many MMOs do you have installed right now?

I understand why, but also why?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft are both installed on my computer right now. It probably is also not a surprise that City of Heroes: Homecoming and Star Trek Online are installed. But they’re not alone, as it happens; both Anthem and Astellia Online are on my hard drive and up-to-date. And that’s actually a somewhat smaller list than I had before I swapped computers in summer of last year. There was some… debris on that system, let’s say.

Obviously, this isn’t the same as asking which MMOs you’re actively playing. Sometimes you have games installed you’re not really playing, just to jump in whenever you are more active (for example, I need to reinstall Final Fantasy XI on this machine). So what about you, dear readers? How many MMOs do you have installed right now? You could even let us know which ones they are, if you’re so inclined.

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Mark Temby

I have a folder on my desktop for shortcuts to games I am not currently playing.

The only games that matter are those that have earnt their own shortcut on my desktop.
At this time: Lotro.
My non-MMO’s with a shortcut on the desktop are: Outward and Killing Floor 2.

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MMORPGs games currently on my PC:

Star Trek Online

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Star Forge server)

Final Fantasy XIV Online

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Secret World (original version)

Secret Worlds Legends (current version)

World of Warcraft

Of all of these, the only games currently active are Trek and SWTOR.

I hope to re-visit FFXIV again one day when the mood strikes me.

I’ll play ESO again after I find a way to play my rogue (Nightblade) main character in the game without dying constantly to bosses in solo content …

Visiting original TSW makes me sad, because it’s static and mostly empty of players.

Visiting TSL makes me sad because I don’t want to re-play everything again with a new character, just to see the little bits of new stuff added at the end.

I’d actually forgotten that WoW was still on my hard drive. I doubt I’ll ever go back to it, given the state of the game and its minders these days. I’ll probably delete it and maybe take another look at Lord of the Rings Online instead. It’s been a long time sine I played LotRO, but man, I loved it.


9 mmos and 3 mmo-ish games. I keep them installed because often downloading and patching can be a hassle and I like to jump between games often. I have never been able to play something for over a month.


Just one installed right now. (not considering Anthem, Div2, GR:Breakpoint, etc. to be MMOs)


How many do I have installed? Six. (Could go as high as ten depending on how far you want to push the definition. I’m excluding things like Ark and Conan Exiles since I play them exclusively as offline singleplayer games.) Of those six, how many do I actually play or really even care about? One(ish.) I still log into Star Trek Online to do the event daily tasks and earn the T6 ships. I’m not completely sure *why* I do that, since it’s not likely that I’ll even really use them. I just… want to have them.

*Edit* I’m also excluding Warframe in my personal definition of MMO. It’s online, it’s multiplayer. But currently the most players you can have in a single mission is four. And I personally play it solo as often as I can, and simply avoid the mission types that can’t be easily done that way.

Malcolm Swoboda

About a dozen, but only really playing 1-2 right now.

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What they said.


In my MMO youth I thought there would be ONE MMO to rule them all. I learned quickly from that fallacy.

Currently I only have

WoW/WOW Classic


Conan Exiles
The Secret World and Secret World Legends
Final Fantasy
Occupy White Walls
No Man’s Sky
Destiny 2

So… 11?


6 games in total, 3 on my phone and 3 on my Linux PC
Black Desert Mobile,
Villagers and Heroes,
Allods Online