Bless Unleashed is back online after fixing a ‘critical hit critical issue’


In the wee hours of this Friday morning, Bless Unleashed ran into an issue. A “critical hit critial issue” even. One that forced the servers to shut down for some emergency maintenance. The servers are back online now, however, and an update on fixes has been posted.

The issue in question appears to involve some item duping, which has sent several game accounts to be investigated, blocking those players from the game while the Player Experience team looks into things. It’s important to note that this block does not mean that the affected account is banned. Additionally, players who purchased duplicate items from the Marketplace between 11:40 p.m. EDT and 12:40 a.m. EDT will see those items removed from their inventories and the Star Seed costs refunded. Finally, players with an “inflated” Lumena balance will see those numbers adjusted back to normal; bear in mind that Lumena is the in-game cash shop currency.

As thanks to Bless Unleashed players for their patience, a “generous” compensation package will be handed out soon. Details on just what this package will include aren’t finalized yet, but the announcement promises that the bundle will be “something great.”

sources: Twitter, official site (1, 2), thanks Arktouros!

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Over all pretty impressive response. No rollback wipe, and the whole thing gets pretty cleaned up. I made some big gains and was kinda dreading that I would wake up to them all gone. Also some compensation coming to people not able to play (was pretty late all around so I just went to bed).

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So uh…is that the same one that has existed in the PC version and bounced from region to region? –



Apparently if you had Lumina (cash shop currency) and made purchases instead of your balance going down it would go up instead. So you could sit there and basically print items which are then sellable on the auction house for Star Seeds (limited in game currency that players use to trade). So people were printing cash shop items then raking in millions low balling items on the auction house as people will scoop things up like inventory space/bank space all day long. Some people on reddit were bragging about making millions in game.

Over all the games seem entirely different top to bottom other than lore, setting and names.