Dauntless previews Umbral Deeps and Relics & Ruin huntpass

Dauntless previews Umbral Deeps and Relics & Ruin huntpass

For those who have been following Dauntless on Twitter, you know that the next update is coming and it’s bringing a whole lot of umbral aether with it. The devs at Phoenix Labs seem to be pretty focused on adding more lore into things this time around, with a lore post from last week that explores the source of this umbral surge.

The source in question is a location known as the Umbral Deeps, a single island that has been broken into several pieces and bound together by aetheric bonds. It also, apparently, was a home to an ancient civilization known as Void Runners. Currently, though, it is home to something that is described in the post as “bizarre, cruel, and very hungry.”

This civilization is likely the inspiration for the Relics and Ruin hunt pass, which will be coming along with the online RPG’s next update that will bring a new umbral Escalation. Arrival dates haven’t been unveiled yet, but we expect news soon.

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