Phantasy Star Online 2 adds new campaigns and issues boosts for broken content release times


Phantasy Star Online 2 has just finished its latest maintenance which has brought on a variety of things for players to do. Among them are several campaigns including login campaigns, boosts for party play and Advance Quests, and extra goodies for clearing tiers four and eight of the Season 4 Mission Pass. There’s also a new Urgent Quest schedule for the month.

The update notes also outline other changes like a Sonic-themed Shopping Plaza, new in-game scratch tickets, and new items in the Fresh Finds Shop. The notes also close out with word on several issues being addressed, including continued lag and hitching problems in the ARKS Ship Lobby and installation issues.

On the subject of schedules, PSO2 players who have been experiencing incorrect content release times on certain Blocks should no longer see the issue arise with this update and are even getting compensated. The recompense comes in the form of five Triboost +100% booster items to all accounts.

source: official site (1, 2, 3), Twitter
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