Competitive Season 23 of Overwatch adds an open queue option

Yeah, bye.

The meat and potatoes of Overwatch for most players is officially underway with the launch of Competitive Season 23, and this time around players can look forward to the addition of an open queue mode that allows players to team up using different team compositions beyond the standard 2 tank/2 support/2 DPS option. This new open queue will also have its own separate Skill Rating.

According to principal designer Michael Heiberg, the addition of open queue spawned from the popularity of quick play classic, and when the devs created a competitive open queue in Arcade, they found that the mode was not only popular, but decreased wait times in both open queue and competitive queue. It also apparently opened up ways for players to try different strategies and get creative with their compositions.

The new queue is live as of yesterday, so be sure to hop in and put together the squad of your competitive dreams.

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