Vendetta Online adds prediction monitoring to combat PvP lag and make space debris physics smoother


Vendetta Online can predict the future. A very specific future, anyway. A future involving where dynamic debris will go and where players are going in order to counteract lag. The most recent update has added what is called “prediction monitoring,” which resets player positions if high latency transients are detected during combat and adds client-side prediction to the application of explosion-force on dynamic debris.

What exactly do those two lines of patch notes mean? In very specific instances of PvP, the prediction monitoring system will set a high latency player into a “drift” in the direction the server thinks that player was meant to head based on previous data. This new system should halt players from using lag to jump long distances. Because some folks just can’t PvP without being cheaty cheaters.

As for the dynamic debris prediction system, this will have an effect on areas with lots of debris floating about like Latos 12. This basically lets these pieces become affected by things like explosions and also lets these pieces interact with one another. If this sounds like a lot for the game’s servers to process, the latest update has streamlined how these events happen, which should result in an overall lack of debris jumping as well as open this physics model to other locations in the game. This could even lead to gameplay implications like letting miners move ore-rich rocks to a mining ship or let players shove asteroids around themselves to create a protective wall.


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To be honest, I applaud each attempt at deep and innovative MMO gameplay on mobile platform. There are tons of shlag games but still, mobile is the most perspective gaming platform period. Titles that at least try to raise above the “game playing itself for your money” level are few and deserve some free publicity. We will arrive there, sooner or later.
As for Vendetta Online, in fact you are at a disadvantage if you try to PVP on mobile versus PC client due to complex ship piloting, so it’s far from being a “pure” mobile MMO.

Kero Kero

mobile game..


Cross-platform game.