APB Reloaded clears out the anniversary area and event items, tunes its anti-cheat software

Happiness is a warm gun.

Parties are fun, but when everyone has left, the unhappy job of cleaning up the mess remains. That’s just what APB Reloaded has done in what it’s calling “the Un-Anniversary Patch,” effectively cleaning out the game’s anniversary content and the Beacon Bash district as well as removing a number of event-specific items from ARMAS on July 15th. These include the Christmas items, Valentine’s Day items, 4th of July items, and Halloween items.

It’s not all about removing fun things, though. The patch has also made a few adjustments to Spotters and streamlines the Battleye ban procedure, which will now tune the anti-cheat to permanently ban players more accurately instead of requiring mostly temporary bans that have to be manually looked over. According to an announcement forum post, this will free up support staff to help with other player issues, yet the post also promises that tuning Battleye anti-cheat will be an ongoing process.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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The rampant hacking in this game has been it’s most serious failure throughout it’s lifespan. They have never devoted the resources necessary to end this, and periodically they make some comments to give the illusion of action that never materializes.

Bruno Brito

Except…Little Orbit has bought G1 a while ago, and they resumed efforts to actively develop the games. G1 was a pretty awful company that just hosted FE and APB and didn’t care about them.

They’re different teams. A separation has to be made.