Red Dead Online’s 1.21 update introduces dancing corpses, alligator rains, ghost towns, and horse glitches

None of these are features, by the way


Boy oh boy have things been going all sorts of crazy in Red Dead Online. The most recent update to the online multiplayer sandbox has hitched its wagon to a whole host of hilarious and alarming bugs, glitches, and problems.

Corpses inexplicably dancing their asses off? It’s happening. Trains appearing out of nowhere? Yes sir, yes ma’am. Weird fun with flaming coaches? You got it. Sudden and localized alligator rains? Umbrellas won’t save you. Also, there are horse glitches. So. Many. Horse. Glitches.

Funny as these are, there are a host of more serious and gamplay-impacting problems as well with the update, such as players reporting lack of animal spawns or the wholesale inability to shoot animals, vital locations not spawning, and whole instances being utterly devoid of NPCs.

As of right now, Rockstar Games has posted a support page statement saying that the developers are aware of the problems and are working on fixes, with information to come “as soon as it’s available.” For right now, though, it might not be worth logging on to RDO at this time. Or maybe you should so you can share your own personal weirdness and become internet famous for a few seconds.

sources: Polygon, Kotaku

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Alligator rain should be a feature.

Bryan Correll

lack of animal spawns

Except for gators apparently.


more games should have alligator rain

Patreon Donor

I saw a post on /r/fo76 saying something to the effect of: “let’s at least appreciate that things could be worse for our game” then mentioning the sorry state of rdr2 online. This should speak volumes as to how bad the situation is in cowboy town


My take on FO76 is that somewhere in the future they’ll announce a full rework, and just like its’ spiritual twin Anthem, there’ll be some folks insisting that everything is fine and people are exaggerating.