The Daily Grind: What moments do you feel people have missed if they haven’t played your favorite MMOs?

Money dollars.

When we try to sell people on MMOs, we naturally talk about systems or mechanics. If I wanted to convince someone to play World of Warcraft, I’d probably talk about classes or race options or quest design. What I would not talk about are years of roleplaying history or the electric feeling of logging in and seeing Azuremyst Isle for the first time, or the thrill of bringing down Kel’thuzad in Naxxramas when our off-tank was down and my wife was holding adds and the boss in a scenario we all knew would lead to a wipe… except we got the kill first.

Of course, the reason for not talking about those moments is that they’re not universal or easy to replicate. I can talk about the story of Final Fantasy XIV, but not the sense of joy at seeing the most recent patch’s story draw to a close; I can talk about the ship combat in Star Trek Online, but not the smooth feeling of firing phasers as my ship swings around, putting myself mentally in the captain’s chair, and feeling that connection to shows I’ve loved for years as the ship opened up. But let’s try to share them. What moments do you feel people have missed if they haven’t played your favorite MMOs? Not systems, but bits of emotional connection?

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The final events of swg and tabula rasa

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

Since Asheron’s Call 1 and 2 are my favs and both are officially offline… um, all of them?

Doing the reverse, for Pokemon GO, I missed out on the US release, as I was living in Japan. Watching from afar, a lot of us were hyped, but also much more cautious I think. I came back to the US more than a month after release, so I’d basically missed it. A few events, like Khangaskan spawning around the Anaheim/Disney area during the Pokemon Finals in 2017 supposedly was pretty similar, and the release of raiding really felt like it gave the game a second lease on life (which was when people around me started to organize), but I always wonder how many more people I could have met if I was here long term when the game launched.

Castagere Shaikura

Any MMO pre-Wow was very social. Not like what they consider as social today as in group content hunter for the best loot. I mean on weekend nights just hanging out in cities or towns meeting other players or Devs holding social events. Most new MMO players will never know how cool this was. You had to actually hang with people and chat. Today doing this would scare the heck out of people. Of course, back then MMO’s were not mainstream and only Computer geeks played them.

Hikari Kenzaki

Live Twitterverse events in The Secret World.

Those days when there were less than a hundred of us were insanely fun. The writers would interact with the community to the point that players were mistaken for official characters. Those conversations led to clues to in-game events that would draw in more people to the Twitterverse.

Once we were a few hundred strong, then the big stuff started happening like a 100% in-character call out of reports of the Gatekeeper on the road to Kingsmouth. The rest is history.

Jon Wax

Early days of online: Battle tech.
Good but primitive robot battles. Had a good 3v4 where we won.

Tabula Rasa: when the gate fell at some random outpost and everyone fought their way to teleporter.

Mag: what a mess. What a glorious steaming mess!! Best coms system in gaming to date.

Dust514: lol. Just lol.


People have missed out how WoW was dumbed down since Wrath of the Lich King and its last drop of soul got sucked out in the name of “accessibility”.

Robert Mann

So much nap time.

Okay, there’s a few funny or interesting moments. Most of the stuff though? YAWN inducing.

There’s so much better writing and exploration aspects out there, that it’s not something I’d point to as something missed, or as a reason to play an MMO. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be, just that nothing has come along (that had my attention long enough to give it a try) that has met such a criteria.


I cant really tell that because we are different individuals with different likes and dislikes – I may really like something and someone may really hate it.

Case in point, I dislike FF XIV storyline and I usually play many mmos for story which is different than your experience and its fine, you like different things.

For STO we are closer in likes – dislikes, as like you I like space combat and I find low points the fact you cant play from internal view at all(and generally internals are problematic, some chairs work, some dont, some npcs get buried to the ground, some bridges dont show your boffs etc) and the fact most ships seem to fire “magically” from a random spot on hull instead weapon hardpoints while older games like EVE had hardpoints shooting and even tracking left and right and for many years now

Bottom line though is different people, different priorities and different likes in gaming


That too, everyone is different.

FFXIV is ok but that corridor questing isn’t for me, ok you can do a couple quests and “kinda” explore this tiny area a little, seconds later… done? ok back in to the hallway.


You can’t really as much of it is time and place, you were either part of EQ2 Golden Era or you weren’t, if you were then you know and no need to explain anything, if you were not, those of who were only feel sad for you.

After getting a 110% “Classic Experience”, so lucky we landed with the right peeps (guild) for that no question, i have a very firm grasp on what i missed, and yeah omg i very much understand why wow became so popular, and more than enough for me to know that i was in the better “mmorpg”, EQ2 at that time.

However that itself (classic) was still not the same as being back in 2004, using Gates of Ahn’Qiraj for example, i was totally pumped and looking forward to weeks of… /record scratch moment, over in half a day. So not the same, no mystery, no wonderment.

In certain ways this modern run at the gates has a whole new set of devious practice stories which will be told for decades to come, so a new “time and place” has occurred, folklore stories to tell when you’re older…

Gather round the snapchat children and let me tell you the tale of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj second round.


…rolling small unassuming creatures, then running around punting boars in Elwynn Forest.

(Pro Tip: Boar punting is much more prevalent in Dun Morogh, Westfall and Redridge though. o.O )