City of Heroes Homecoming confirms NCsoft talks continue, plans new name, domain, and launcher


Of all the City of Heroes rogue servers to spring up over the last year in the wake of the 2019 reveal that the game’s code was out in the wild, the one that’s attracted the most attention and players is surely Homecoming. And a large part of the reason was the fact that its reps have been in talks with NCsoft to secure some sort of legitimacy. Those talks have lingered on for over a year now, with Homecoming developers being publicly tight-lipped about what was going on, to the irritation of pretty much everyone who wasn’t already a doubter.

But yesterday, the team actually provided players an update on that process, along with news about some other big changes for the servers. The short version is that talks continue.

“Over the past year we’ve been working closely together to make this work, and have made significant headway in several areas. Unfortunately, Coronavirus has hindered the pace of these discussions somewhat, but we’re still having regular meetings and are slowly but surely moving towards a positive outcome. Many of the updates we’re talking about today are a result of these ongoing talks. There’s still a ton of work going on behind the scenes to get us to the finish line, and we’d like to thank you all for your continued patience. TL;DR: Still Soon™, but Soon™er than before.”

As for the rest of those updates? Well, apparently the group is changing its name from City of Heroes: Homecoming to Homecoming: City of Heroes, changing its domain to, and moving to a brand-new launcher that doesn’t rely on the much older Tequila base. “It’s designed to be light and fast, and is built with a focus on security,” the team explains. “It allows you to selectively install and remove the beta / staging servers (and toggle automatic updates for each), features a built-in server status monitor, and has a much more usable news feed.”

This past spring, we compiled an updated list on all the available City of Heroes rogue servers, worth a peek if you’re still hunting for a home in Paragon City.

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