Dual Universe studio Novaquark issues password resets following registration ‘security issue’

So we can agree that we're not getting the anchovies.

If you’ve signed up for a Dual Universe website account, you probably received a worrisome email this afternoon informing you of a password reset following a “security issue” on the game’s official site.

“A very small group of accounts has been affected by a personal data disclosure, which we are taking very seriously,” Novaquark says. “However, rest assured that even for those affected accounts, the data related to your banking information (like credit card number) hasn’t been leaked and is totally safe.”

Apparently, an account activation issue allowed signer-uppers to access other players’ accounts, giving them first and last names and email addresses for those accounts, but nothing else.

“After we noticed the issue, we immediately investigated and worked all weekend long. We were able to push a fix this morning at 9:00 UTC that fixed the issue, based on the information currently at our disposal. We continue to investigate deeper the root cause of this problem to make sure it won’t happen again and why this issue was not reported during QA tests. Since some account passwords were changed, we reset all players’ accounts as a precautionary measure.”

So yep, change your password just to be safe.

Source: Email notice. Cheers, Panagiotis.

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