Development of Reckful’s MMORPG Everland is on hold pending probate court resolution

But the team assures players it's ready to resume


Earlier this summer, the gaming community was stunned by the abrupt passing of Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, a popular YouTuber and streamer who was also working on an MMORPG called Everland. At the time of his death, his team asked followers for time to grieve before making decisions on how to proceed with the game.

Since then, the team has suggested there’s more to it than that. The game’s Discord now has a notice that says the game is currently “on hold until further notice” as a result of “legal issues” the developers cannot discuss. A second announcement made this past Wednesday by a dev under the handle Hunter clarifies further, suggesting that the delay is a result of Bernstein’s estate – and presumably his assets like Everland – being tied up in court.

“First and foremost, the development team of Everland is still here, and we have no intention ourselves of abandoning the project unless we are told otherwise that we may not continue. Pertaining to the matter at hand, we, unfortunately, do not have any updates to give on the future of Everland, as the company and Byron’s assets are being resolved in probate court. Situations like this can take up to a year to be decided, and possibly longer due to Covid-19, so we are just waiting as reluctantly as you are.”

Crossing fingers that it’s all sorted out; Reckful was pouring his soul into the game, and it’d be a fitting legacy to see it finished and launched in his honor.

Source: Discord
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