SEED shares the experience of a friends and family playtest of four brothers


The family that plays in-development colony-building MMOs together stays together. Or at the very least, they take part in a friends and family playtest for SEED and then come together on video chat to share their experiences in developer Klang Games’ latest dev vlog. That’s a bit too long of a sentence to be a snappy axiom, though.

The latest vlog features Klang CEO and co-founder Mundi and his three brothers — all of whom are making their own action title — as they talk about their thoughts playing together in SEED. The video features the expected brotherly jabs but also discusses how each person set about their personal goals, whether it’s coordinating their Seedlings, going on the offensive, or trying to find materials.

It didn’t got without some shenanigans by the sound of things, as at one point one player was stuck and had to wait for the others to help him and at another point one person found a way to steal resources from someone else. Which really is what good playtests do: find ways to screw the game up. You can check out the gently chaotic video after the break.

source: YouTube
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