Mobile MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution introduces the territory of Rune in its latest update


I don’t know about you, but when I’m told that a place called Rune is available to explore, my mind immediately leaps to either the plot of an ’80s fantasy film or the plot of an old FMV point-and-click PC game. However, the addition of Rune is part of Lineage 2 Revolution’s latest update, so really I’m just being a complete goofball.

On topic, the mobile MMORPG’s new territory introduces two new regions — the Silent Provenance and the Ravine of Frenzy — as well as two elite dungeons and an enhanced XP dungeon. The update has also added a new level cap of 520, opened a new Temporal Rift to challenge for a variety of new pieces of gear, introduced the Hall of Conquerors, a collective market of every Coin Exchange market where players can use coins from Battlefield content, applied a number of balance changes to several of the game’s classes, and introduced five new mounts to collect. Full details can be found in the most recent update notes.

source: press release
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