MapleStory puts out a new update with job balancing, gameplay improvements, and a full moon festival


I think having to avoid going to public gatherings for so long is having a real effect on me because when I watched the video for MapleStory’s new in-game festival, I sort of got weepy and wistful and filled with a longing to be in that sort of atmosphere. I genuinely hope that we can all experience these kind of gatherings again soon in real life, but until then, there is the Ellinel Full Moon Party, which celebrates a blue full moon that comes to the game’s world every 100 years.

This new update launches the event, bringing a variety of mini-games like searching for moon candy, popping balloons, flipping cookies, and a whole lot more. The event runs between now and March 9th, while certain shops in the festival will be selling goodies until March 14th.

There’s more than just a full moon party in this update as well: Players will now be able to world leap their Burning World characters, while a sizable balance pass has been applied to a large number of jobs. There’s also some revamps to Ursus, several improvements to bosses, quests, and items, and a long list of bug fixes. The patch notes have a lot to say so it’s likely worth the time for dedicated players of MapleStory to read up. Or you can just enjoy the blue moon instead.


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I’m in love with the Ellinel Full Moon Party video. Would highly recommend watching the Behind the Scenes for it too.