Monster Hunter Rise fan crafts 1000 items for charity while wishing for ducks from the 2019 MMO

1,000 Origami Switch Axes for one wish: a ducky friend to come home


What drives a man to craft 1,000 Origami Switch Axes in Monster Hunter Rise? Is it for the challenge? For the laughs? Insanity? In the case of one fan and livestreamer, it’s for the ducks. And for charity.

This is the saga of a streamer by the name of Ceph0rend, an avid Monster Hunter fan who has been into the series for a while, including the MMO Monster Hunter Frontier, which closed its doors in 2019. This past April, he talked about the process of this goal, which requires a very specific variety of materials from different monsters as well as Kamura tickets, which only are handed out from one specific NPC after clearing a number of Village Quests in Rise.

Why Origami Switch Axes? Because the weapon’s flavor text states that gathering 1,000 of them can grant someone a wish, and Ceph0rend wants to see duck friends from Frontier, which acted like companion pets similar to Poogies or Cohoots, return to Rise. “I’m no hero, just a man who really misses his ducks,” he said in the April interview.

As an additional nod to the Origami Switch Axe’s wish fulfilling flavor text, Ceph0rend put together a miniature charity drive to the Make-A-Wish Foundation after he completed his quest. Those who are interested in helping him out can put in a tip which will be added to the overall donation.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), GamesRadar, thanks to Danny for the tip!
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