GTA Online celebrates Independence Day with boosted rewards and discounts on various in-game items


It’s time to mark the Fourth of July in Grand Theft Auto Online this week by raking in goodies from sea to shining sea, taking part in shadow operations, and enjoying a variety of discounts on a whole slew of in-game items.

Players can now enjoy double the GTA$ and RP from treasure chests and hidden caches found around Cayo Perico and the ocean floor, while those who prefer a more espionage-flavored gaming session will receive triple the rewards when taking on Mobile Operations missions and competing in Stockpile. If you’re not already the owner of a Mobile Operations Center or a Kotsaka submarine, both are at a 40% and a 25% discount respectively.

There’s plenty of other patriotic-themed goodies to rake in on top of that, like a free Blaine County Talk Radio t-shirt, thematic goodies for taking on Business Battles, and a Hotring Sabre race car dressed up in the American flag up for grabs as the top prize at the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel.

Additional discounts are on offer as well, like 50% off on bunkers, fireworks launchers and fireworks ammo, haircuts, masks, and the Vapid Liberator monster truck and Western Sovereign motorcycle, while other vehicles like the Vapid Winky, the Albany Roosevelt Valor, and the Nagasaki Buzzard attack chopper are up to 40% off. All of the details can be found on Rockstar’s website

source: press release

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