Profane splashes its new digital water everywhere in latest Twitter showcase


I recall a time during the Nintendo 64’s early life cycle when devs were excited to show off new water animation tech. Sure, it was groundbreaking at the time, but since then water simulation has come a lot farther from “gelatinous cube trying to do a belly dance.” Just take a look at Profane’s latest Twitter thread for an example.

The game is gleeful about its new water simulation tech, which happily laps against the shore and gives the surfaces it hits a good dynamic soaking. The devs at Insane laud the work of the technical art team for making its water appropriately juicy while being performance friendly, as well as the in-house region generator tool that allows the team to create base regions quickly and add finer details later. You can get a preview of this wet water’s wiggly waves after the cut.

source: Twitter
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