Habbo Hotel developer Sulake enters the blockchain racket with the release of Habbo avatar NFTs


Like it or not, gaming and blockchain nonsense is only going to keep on keeping on, apparently. How do we know? Because Habbo Hotel developer Sulake has announced the game will release 12,500 NFT avatars. Here’s Sulake CEO Valterri Kairu with the required explainer.

“The technology behind the NFTs provides tremendous security, giving greater control and a more defined ownership over digital Habbo merchandise. Fans of Habbo can now own and collect items that embed themselves within Habbo’s history and infrastructure. This is a natural evolution of the collection of digital items that has been an integral part of Habbo since the game first arrived on the internet over 21 years ago.”

These NFTs, which can be bought separately, will feature unique randomly generated Habbo avatars that fans and digital collectors can purchase and wholly own as part of their portfolios, with 1,000 of these NFTs being reserved specifically for Habbo community members. Plans are being made to integrate these NFTs into Habbo Hotel proper, while Sulake plans to invest revenues from NFTs back into the game. Details on how all of these will be distributed hasn’t even been figured out yet, but announcements will come “in the near future.”

For those who are concerned about the environmental impacts that another blockchain minting scheme will have, Sulake is also entering a partnership with Offsetra to offset the increased carbon footprint associated with NFT minting. Offsetra will measure the carbon emissions from NFT minting transactions and then offset these emissions through a variety of ecological initiatives and programs, such as tree planting projects and renewable energy development.

Or maybe Sulake could just sell these digital things themselves for a limited span of time? But that’d be too easy. Best to create a Rube Goldberg machine of digital goods and company partnerships.

source: press release
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