Monster Hunter Stories 2 is adding more monsters, egg hunts, and hardmode


Monster Hunter Stories 2 is still getting some nice, repeatable attention from Capcom. Starting September 30th, dragon fans will be happy to finally have a dragon collecting co-op mission, claim Molten Tigrex as a monstie, and challenge Kulve Taroth on hard mode in co-op – if the current version wasn’t already hard enough.

Not to be outshined, Dreadking Ratholos will appear in co-op missions on October 7th, as will an additional exploration co-op mission for Elder Dragons. For people with friends who have lagged behind, the Elder Dragon mission will at least make it easier to help friends farm for gear, and possibly Elder Dragon monsties. As per the roadmap, we’re coming close to the announced finale of updates, with just Gold Rathalos and Silver Rathian left, plus an unknown monster just for hunting sometime later in October.

Source: Capcom Video
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