Aion gets into the winter holiday spirit with seasonal events and opens up the murderous Shugo Game event


Some days you want to get into the Christmas seasonal spirit, other days you want to get into a game where failure could mean death. This is the juxtaposition that Aion finds itself over the course of December and into January with its swath of seasonal and not-so-seasonal events.

On the holiday cheer side of things, there’s the Glorious Solorious event in Aion Classic that tasks players with taking out Red Nose Grankers, the Lead Granker, and Lazy Shugo Couriers for rewards, as well as several login goodies to rake in. As for Aion Retail, the Winter Wonderland is open, promising holiday quests, a fight with a Winter Queen, and special shops for players to spend Winter Wonderland Coins for goodies or risk some of those Coins on some gacha prizes.

As for the Shugo Game event, it starts with a version of Red Light Green Light that rewards various grades of chests, each stuffed with goodies that varies depending on the chest’s grade. The event is running in both Classic and Retail, and each chest has its own rewards based on the version players are in. The above link has tables for all of the loot.

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