Ragnarok Online opens a new server and applies a big balance patch


Ragnarok Online – the original and not one of its mobile spin-offs – is still trucking along. In fact, it even opened up a brand-new server last week called Freya. To mark the occasion, the game is hosting a boosting event for new players on all servers that hands out a bundle of goodies when a new character is created. The event page offers more information and an FAQ.

The new server announcement also talks up a recent patch to the game that rebalanced the skills of a long list of classes The patch has also added four new advanced potions and made a number of improvements to some of the game’s jobs like the Warlock and Rune Knight.

RO staying operational is probably not news to most MMORPG vets – the game has been live in our side of the globe since 2003 – but like most games of its age, a number of rogue servers had been fired up by players, particularly in light of an NGE-like change made to the original. Developer Gravity Co. had generally been willfully ignorant of these servers until this past spring, when the company started cracking down.

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