Destiny 2 dishes on Halloween, the end of destination materials, and weapon tweaks


The latest newsletter from Destiny 2 covers plenty of ground, touching on a wide assortment of community and game-specific topics.┬áThe digest opens up with a nod to the Festival of the Lost, the shooter’s Halloween event, is heading to the game next week. Fans can expect a trailer this Tuesday, while the header image shared above confirms that mecha costumes won the polling results from this past April.

Next is confirmation that destination materials – i.e., dusklight shards, helium filaments, microphasic datalattices and the like – are going the way of the dodo in Season 19. Any current materials in player characters’ pockets can be exchanged for glimmer at Master Rahool’s shop. Additionally, public events will be awarding more glimmer, the material costs for legendary exotics at Rahool’s shop will be replaced with legendary shards, and other items sold by Rahool will have their costs removed entirely. Reputation requirements for picking up kit from existing rep vendors will also be removed.

The next major section from the newsletter talks about mid-season weapon adjustments, detailing updates being made to certain perks, specific exotics, and every single weapon class in the game. All of these adjustments are set to arrive in a few days.

Finally, the post pointed out a blog post celebrating National Coming Out Day (which also gave away a free arrival effect), the launch of social media channels for the game for Brazilian fans earlier in the week, and the customary community creations.

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