Tencent’s Nightingale discusses procedural gen, shared worlds, and more


Fair warning: The “podcast interview” source for this story is one held by Tencent’s publishing arm Level Infinite, so it’s less like a “real” podcast and more like 38 minutes of PR for the upcoming gaslamp survivalbox Nightingale, with all the manufactured personality of the voice “banter” heard in gameplay trailers for co-op games.

But even so, the devs in the video still do touch on a few things, including setting the game’s scene, talking about how the team came together, discussing how the game scaled down to a “shared world” instead of an MMO, and explaining the card system that lets players procedurally generate new worlds to visit (again). There’s also a point when the devs talk about how completing quest objectives might not necessarily require combat or killing creatures.

The whole thing does kind of bring to mind an infomercial, but there might still be some tidbits players could pluck from the video below.

source: YouTube
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