Splatoon 3 announces paranormal science Splatfest for end of March


Perhaps Nintendo agrees that Splatoon 3’s new events, Big Run, just can’t replace a good old Splatfest, as the event is now set to return at the end of March.

While players once saw Splatfest followed by a Big Run for one major event nearly every month, the newly announced paranormal creatures Splatfest takes place March 31st at 8 p.m. EDT through April 2nd at the same time, meaning this will be the first month we’ve had both Splatfest and Big Run. Interestingly, it also runs during April Fool’s Day, which normally isn’t a thing in Japan, but as I know from my years in the country, it’s slowly catching on, so be on the lookout during this event just in case.

As always, this festivities include a prep-period that begins March 24th, at 4 a.m. EDT. For those who haven’t noticed, those of us living in areas that honor Daylight Saving have seen the event times pushed back one hour, so don’t panic that things don’t start/end at the same time the previous Splatfests have!

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