St. Patrick’s Day celebrations kick off in War Thunder, World of Tanks, and Skyforge


St. Patrick’s Day might not be the most impressive of holidays from an MMORPG and multiplayer gaming standpoint (there are many more interesting ideas out there), but we also don’t particularly mind if titles decide to use the occasion as a reason for special content and free goodies. So let’s flip through a few events for this holiday, shall we?

  • We start with World of Tanks and its Shamrock Days event that’s available between now and March 22nd, which brings time-limited XP bonuses, thematic battle missions, and a hidden treasures game.
  • Skyforge has decided to lean into the theme of luck and leprechauns for its event, with rare crystallite changed into ether clovers that can be gathered and spent for thematic rewards. Harvesting these clovers also offers a chance at seeing an Amulet of Luck drop that grants a random boon when used in group adventures. All of this clover goodness is available until March 24th
  • Finally, War Thunder is providing a unique pin-up decal for taking part in any three battles while in a Rank III vehicle from now until March 20th; it’s not much of a celebration, but it is a thematically suitable reward.

Of course these three aren’t the only events going on for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Make sure to check out our roundup below for more if you’re feeling green.

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