Temtem’s 1.3 update adds St Patrick’s Day event and three new challenge modes


There’s a new patch out for critter-capturing MMO Temtem today, along with a new season of play. At the heart of patch 1.3 are a trio of new challenge modes meant to make the game, well, more challenging.

“These challenge modes will run on a different server, and have a different save slot,” Crema Games acknowledges. “You will not be risking your 3-year-old Lumas in the Nuzlocke mode, not any Luma, for that matter: there won’t be Lumas in the Challenge modes. There won’t be trades, either. You can only have one challenge run active at any given time, so you’ll have to finish or abandon your current one if you want to try another mode. There’s no cooldown or restriction of any sort, so you’ll be able to drop and restart a Challenge run anytime you want to. You’ll be able to co-op through the Challenge modes, although be aware there will be limitations[.]”

Naturally, these modes – Nuzlocke, Randomlocke, and Speedrun – come with additional rewards, and there’s more to the patch, including a new area dubbed Nanto Labs, new Luma Drops currency, the Leprechaun’s Eve event, a balancing pass, buffs for PvP and mythical lairs, and season three itself, Clash of Tamers.

Temtem was Kickstarted in 2018 for $573K and rolled into final release last fall. Its Steam player count has fallen from a peak of nearly 40,000 players when it hit early access in January 2020 to under 1000 three years later, though of course it’s available on all three top consoles as well.

Source: Patch notes
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