Nightingale recaps March playtest, plans another test in May before finalizing launch plans


Inflexion Games has a new Nightingale dev video out this week, and it homes in on the March playtest, which devs say was the first round of testing that stayed up continously for nearly 60 hours for around 1700 testers. According to the studio, the servers didn’t die and multiplayer worked much as intended, with players specifically calling out the fae additions, combat enhancements, audio, and new intro cinematic as being positives.

However, Inflexion notes that graphical crashes, confusing throughlines for play, and resource balancing are all areas that need work; multiplayer testers also bumped into problems with progression. Also, sometimes when people would join new procedural-gen realms, they’d get mauled by a singular of boars. Yeah, a group of boars is called a singular, but there’s definitely more than one murdering players. The team’s working on the boar problem, and it’s also fixed the noisy bedrolls issue. (We really have to wonder what y’all were doing during this test.)

There’s “at least” one more playtest planned, likely in May; players can still sign up on the official site. The game was set to launch in the first half of 2023, but the team sounds as if it’s hedging a bit on that. “We’re using this last playtest as our final confidence check before we share an exact date,” community manager Steph Herdman says.

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