Splatoon 3 teases next season and next Splatfest, which lets players pick leaders


We’ve got lots of big Splatoon 3 events coming up soon, but nothing is bigger than the one-year anniversary Splatfest theme: Would Shiver, Frye, or Big Man make the best leader? It’s directly setting players to align with their favorite Deep Cut member, complete with badges and banners of Deep Cut members, which may be linked with the more common 10x battles. While there’ll be carry-over data in case you can’t earn them during Splatfest proper – which is set for September 8th-10th – you’ll still want to fight to ensure your leader becomes the leader.

Prior to Splatfest itself, we’ll see both a prep period and a Big Run event for those of you who prefer PvE content. Whether and how it might interact with Splatfest is anyone’s guess (we’re betting against it ourselves!). We’re also expecting a new season on September 1st: Drizzle Season. That’ll deliver a new paint bucket, the Dread Wringer (possibly a reference to Team Fortress 2’s Dead Ringer, as Splat did borrow the Payload mode from the TF). Eagle-eyed viewers noted the Gold Dynamo Roller was the new Heavy Edit Splatling’s final victim, but we’ve yet to learn what the full kits are.

We’re also getting some new and returning stages and new fashion options, the greatest of which will be the ability to turn some hats backwards – ’80s and ’90s kids, rejoice! It’s looking like the Drizzle season’s starting off with quite a storm of content, so be ready.

8/23 Update: Nintendo’s released the full catalog and, sadly, a good deal of next season’s gear is actually old stuff, though it comes as a full set (head, clothing, and shoes). There are a few new things, like a Plum Barazushi Wrap, but overall, it looks like those motivated by fashion may be a bit disappointed.

Source: Twitter
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