MassivelyOP’s Weirdest MMO Stories of 2023: Weirdest Use of AI in MMOs


We’re continuing our traditional countdown of MassivelyOP’s weirdest MMORPG stories of the year!

Coming in at #4 on our list is…

NetDragon’s AI CEO

This piece is a bit of a trick, as here the AI isn’t actually in the MMO, although it certainly has a huge impact on MMOs. In March, Chinese gaming company NetDragon – known for multiple MMOs including Eudemons and Conquer Online – appointed Ms. Tang Yu as Rotating CEO of subsidiary Fujian NetDragon Websoft. The thing is, Tang isn’t real: She’s actually an AI, and NetDragon gave her a try in an effort to “pioneer the use of AI to transform corporate management and leapfrog operational efficiency to a new level.”

Tech outlets argued that Tang’s installation drove stock value over her reign compared to other companies, but we were more skeptical. “It could also be read less as an achievement of AI and more as an indictment of CEO worship and excessive pay,” we argued. “[S]tock value doesn’t always reflect the quality of the company and its products and the treatment of its workers, and of course, just announcing that you’re doing a stunt like this helps propel the tech sector investment that makes these bubbly trends happen to begin with.”

Either way, it sure is a time to be alive.

Stay tuned for another weird story tomorrow, and don’t forget to check out our annual MMORPG awards and our Golden Yachties!

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