New World’s loot biasing was meant to reduce bad feelings’ over RNG


How many times have events in MMOs caused you to drop to your knees, shake your fists at the sky, and curse your RNG bad luck? That’s the sort of knee-bruising event that New World was hoping to minimalize with the introduction of “loot biasing.”

In a new dev diary, Amazon explains how the system was intended to cut down on the RNG frustration: “Loot biasing is a system that gives you more loot geared towards your current character’s equipment. It focuses on two of the biggest pain points for players: attribute perks and item type (things like armor weight class of armor and specific weapons).”

Loot biasing works by removing items from loot tables that aren’t ideal for your character’s current build and increases the chances of useful rewards. Amazon said that this is “a complex balancing act” but should “reduce bad feeling results.”

So while you won’t be seeing always-perfect drops from New World, the odds should be significantly improved in your favor.

Source: New World
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