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Working As Intended: City of Heroes macros and popmenus for noobs

In my first braindump on City of Heroes for this column, I tried to ease superhero fans into the world of modding the 20-year-old...

Massively on the Go: Preparing for Pokemon Go’s Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour

Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour is coming to Los Angeles February 16th-18th, but despite its already being sold out, Niantic is still dangling some key...

Working As Intended: Yes, you can make money as a newbie in City of Heroes

Something I've heard over and over from commenters and even newbies in City of Heroes Homecoming ever since the official license was announced is...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon GO shows little love for February

Pokemon Go's roadmap for February is out, but once again leakers have deflated some of that potential hype Niantic tends to squander anyway. While...
I did a thing!

Into the Super-Verse: Gearing up as a newcomer to City of Heroes Homecoming

I was originally going to spend this week opining on why the Incarnate system in City of Heroes didn't really work and why it...

Working As Intended: How to mod City of Heroes Homecoming the easy way

If you played City of Heroes a long time ago - or even back in 2019, when its secret server blossomed into a public...
Look, sir! Cats!

Albion Online’s latest guide explains the nature of its world and how players can explore it

If you have never played Albion Online before, it can feel a little bit daunting to start, especially if you know that it's a...
Pot Ions.

Albion Online drops a guide to alchemy, opens apps for its player Round Table

The first and perhaps most important thing to understand about how crafted potions behave in Albion Online is that these potions are sometimes best...

Massively on the Go: A slow New Year start for Pokemon GO events

Pokemon Go is still not bringing its A-game. After a buggy end of the year complete with utterly breaking Beware and accidentally releasing-and-taking-back unreleased...

Fight or Kite: Multiplayer games to play over the holidays with friends and foes, 2023 edition

Tis the season, everyone! Grab your loot and get ready. I hope you have a little bit extra time to yourselves or at least...

Massively on the Go: Planning your Pokemon GO December 2023 Community Day targets

Pokemon Go's upcoming Community Day round-up event from December 16th-17th is a bit daunting. It's not just because the event regularly puts a year's...

What’s the most cost-effective inventory option in Lord of the Rings Online? One blogger’s done the math

Lord of the Rings Online blogger and guide-maker extraordinaire FibroJedi has pubbed a super useful post this week we just have to highlight because...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go goes to Hisui with poor timing

Pokemon Go has a lot to make up for after last month... nay, last season. The bonuses were terrible, the Research Breakthrough 'mon were dull,...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Five Guild Wars 2 event farms to combat your labyrinth letdown

My favorite thing about Guild Wars 2's Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event is the Mad King's Labyrinth. There's nothing quite like it,...

Vitae Aeternum: Five MMO tips for New World Rise of the Angry Earth newbies

With the hype around Rise of the Angry Earth, a lot of players are starting or restarting their journey in New World. In my...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s November events are looking lean

Pokemon Go seems to be skipping the Turkey and giving us a lean-looking November, at least based on the leaks so far. That's not...

LOTRO Legendarium: Eight beneficial activities in LOTRO you may be overlooking

In my personal, immediate experience, I find that even in a broad MMORPG with lots of options, I tend to narrow my activities and...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Party Play is peak Niantic

Pokemon Go's newest feature, Party Play, is out now, and it's... well, very Niantic. Since the feature was first datamined, it seemed like it...
Perhaps we should try to win.

The Elder Scrolls Online shares tips for success in the upcoming Endless Archive

So are you ready to take on endless waves of enemies in The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming Endless Archive content? It's coming out on...

LOTRO Legendarium: Nine LOTRO secrets worth discovering

It's such a special blessing to discover that the MMORPG you've been playing for years -- if not decades -- can still surprise you....