behind the scenes

Conan Exiles’s weekly newsletter delves into the creation of new combat animations

This week's Conan Exiles community newsletter is all about the upcoming new combat animations that will be rolling out with the Pets Update....
No, I don't want no bugs.

Crowfall takes players on a journey… to squash bugs

The latest Crowfall Q&A video changes tack about halfway through. For the first half, lead designer Thomas Blair and executive producer Gordon Walton...
Look at me!

Final Fantasy XIV posts its third video diary on visual design

Final Fantasy XIV is a very pretty game. Even if you don't play it, you can see that a lot of care has...

How Wander’s launch devastated its community manager

What is it like to be the community manager of an MMO that was infamously called the worst PlayStation 4 game ever? That's...