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EVE Fanfest 2023: EVE players will help cure cancer with new Project Discovery minigame

Back in 2016, EVE Online developer CCP Games announced an unusual partnership with scientific research organisation MMOs and the Human Protein Atlas. They created...

Massively on the Go: How pokedex building could be used for server-wide ‘science’ questing

Well, I'm sorry to report to multiplayer gamers that despite having online features like New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is very much a solo game,...

EVE Online players submitted over 41M classifications to fight COVID for CCP’s latest Project Discovery initiative

What's better than a science MMO story or a feel-good MMO story? One that's both. And this one is both, as EVE Online and...

Citizen science for the win: How EVE Online’s playerbase contributed to Human Project Atlas research

Over the last several years, CCP Games has teamed up with different science organizations and put EVE Online players to work with in-game activities...

GDC 2018: Games can help humanity, be profitable, and get support from gamers

Games alone won't make the world better. They won't even make gamers better. We publish some articles that certainly seem pretty pro-games, but we're...

EVE Fanfest 2017: EVE Online joins the hunt for exoplanets through Project Discovery

The scientific community has been buzzing lately with the incredible news that a star system less than 40 lightyears away named TRAPPIST-1 was found...

EVE Online’s new ‘citizen science’ project will ‘refine the search for exoplanets’

Those of you who've known me a while probably know that my husband is an astrophysicist, which means that astronomy is a passion in...

Academics assess Pokemon Go’s value to conservation and education

Let's cap off the evening with some feel-good, sciency stories about Pokemon Go, shall we? Zoologists at Oxford University are studying Pokemon Go to determine...