New World’s fresh start servers are about to officially begin their launch rollout


If you’ve been holding out to return to New World for a fresh start, then today is your day, as (some of the) fresh start servers have officially begun arriving, or at least they’re supposed to be (Amazon has delayed to the tune of 15 30 minutes – see the updates below).

As we’ve been covering, Amazon had announced 13 servers to roll out in a staggered fashion for all four regions where the game is published, with backup servers in reserve should the population explode – and we’re kind of expecting at least a minor explosion.

The first batch of servers were originally planned to launch at noon EDT today, one for each region, which is right as this post goes live.

“We have queue mitigations in place but you should plan to experience queues on your Fresh Start World,” the studio previously wrote. “Servers may become locked between waves due to world capacity and queues but we will monitor worlds closely, especially during and right after the rollout phase to ensure that players can join a world in their preferred region.”

Do note that you won’t be able to swap existing toons to these servers any time soon, though a third character slot will be patched in today with the release so that folks can roll anew.

Update 12:08p EDT
And we’re already delayed. Here’s the message from the forums; there’s nothing on social media yet. It looks like only the first round will be affected and the rest of the schedule will stay intact.

Update 12:16p EDT
Another delay – 12:30p EDT now.

Update 12:20p EDT
Now it’s on Twitter with the PDT notice. 9:30a PDT is 12:30p EDT.

Update 12:48p
A little later than 12:30, but OK, up now.

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